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Is Facebook Dating the Ideal Place for Singles Seeking Love?

So, you’re looking for love? Well, Facebook Dating might just be the answer! But is it really worth your time and energy? Is this new dating app any better than all the others out there? Can you actually find someone special on a platform that was made to connect with friends and family?! Let’s take an in-depth look at Facebook Dating – pros, cons, features…you name it. Ready to jump into the world of online dating like never before?! Here we go!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating app that stands out from the rest, Facebook Dating is definitely worth checking out. It’s like the Cadillac of online dating – it has all the bells and whistles! With its powerful matching algorithm and streamlined interface, finding your perfect match on this platform is as easy as pie. Plus, since it’s connected to your existing Facebook account there are no extra steps or logins required – so you can get started right away! All in all I’d say that if you want an efficient way to find love without having to spend hours swiping through profiles then give Facebook Dating a try – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Facebook Dating in 10 seconds

  • Facebook Dating is a dating app that allows users to connect with others in their area.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to suggest potential matches based on interests and preferences.
  • Facebook Dating offers free and premium subscription options, with prices varying by region.
  • Premium subscriptions cost $9.99 per month in the US and £14.99 per month in the UK.
  • Facebook Dating does not have a website, but is accessible through the Facebook app.
  • Facebook Dating’s pricing is competitive compared to other similar apps on the market.
  • Facebook Dating offers a secure environment with data encryption and two-factor authentication.
  • It also has a Secret Crush feature that allows users to match with people they already know.
  • Facebook Dating has built-in safety features such as the ability to block and report users.
  • Users can also opt-in to share their location information with friends for added security.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s easy to set up and get started.
  • You can connect with friends of friends, making it more secure than other dating apps.
  • The interface is simple and intuitive to use.
  • You have access to a huge pool of potential matches from your existing Facebook network.
  • Privacy settings are customizable so you can control who sees what information about you on the app.
  • Limited user base: With a relatively new dating app, there are fewer people to match with.
  • Lack of privacy: Your Facebook friends may be able to see your activity on the app.
  • Not enough features: Compared to other apps, Facebook Dating doesn’t offer as many features for finding potential matches.

How we reviewed Facebook Dating

As an online dating expert, I and my team took a deep dive into Facebook Dating. We tested both the free and paid versions of this app to get a comprehensive understanding of its features. To make sure we had accurate results, we sent messages to other users – over 100 in total! This process was spread out across multiple days so that our review would be as thorough as possible. We also looked at how user-friendly it is by testing various functions such as creating profiles or searching for matches on different devices (desktop/mobile). Additionally, we examined what kind of safety measures are in place within the platform and read through their terms & conditions before making any conclusions about it. Lastly, when assessing if there were enough potential matches available on this service; our team compared it with other popular apps like Tinder or Bumble etc., to see where Facebook Dating stands among them all.. To ensure that our readers have access to an honest opinion about Facebook Dating from someone who has actually used the product themselves – something many reviews sites don’t offer –we spent time engaging with real people via conversations which gave us more insight into how successful one can be using this app for finding love online. Our commitment towards providing detailed feedback sets us apart from others because you know you can trust what you’re reading here!

User Profiles

Ah, Facebook Dating. It’s the latest and greatest way to find love in the digital age! After giving it a whirl myself, I can confidently say that this is one of my favorite dating apps out there.

The profiles are public so anyone with an account on Facebook can view them – but you don’t have to worry about your ex-partner or co-worker seeing what you’re up to because they won’t be able to see any information about who viewed their profile unless both parties agree beforehand. You also get a custom bio section where you can add whatever info makes sense for potential matches (like interests or hobbies). Plus, if location matters for finding someone special then rest assured: all users will include city/state/country info in their profiles as well as an indication of how far away from each other they live – though if privacy is important then thankfully it’s possible hide this data too!

Speaking of privacy…I didn’t come across any fake accounts while testing out FB Dating which was great news since nothing ruins online dating like encountering bots instead of real people! And although there isn’t really anything extra available when signing up for premium subscriptions yet (which might change soon), at least we know our personal details are safe here thanks its robust security measures such as two factor authentication and encryption technology used throughout the app. All things considered, FB Dating offers everything necessary plus some added bonuses making it one heckuva good time no matter what kind romantic adventure ya seekin’ after!.

Signing up

Ready to find love on Facebook Dating? Well, buckle up and get ready for the ride! Registration is pretty straightforward – just make sure you’re 18 or older. That’s right, this isn’t a game for kids; only adults can join in the fun. And don’t worry about breaking your wallet either – it’s totally free!

First things first: download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store onto your phone. Once that’s done, open it up and click “Sign Up Now". You’ll be asked to enter some basic information like name, age (which must be over 18), gender identity/expression options as well as sexual orientation if applicable). After entering all of these details correctly hit "Continue" and voila – you’re almost there! Next step requires linking your profile with an existing Facebook account so keep that handy too. Then fill out a few more questions such as interests & hobbies plus any other personal info which will help potential matches learn more about who you are before they even send their first message – how cool is that?! Lastly add at least one photo of yourself so people know what kind of person they might potentially meet when swiping through profiles later on down the line…and bam-you’ve officially registered with Facebook Dating!!

To sum everything up here are five quick requirements needed for registration:

• Must have an active mobile device compatible with Android/iOS operating systems • Must have valid email address associated with existing facebook account • Minimum required age limit set at 18 years old • Free signup process • Provide accurate information including name & gender expression

  • To register on Facebook Dating, you will need:
  • A valid email address or phone number
  • A Facebook account
  • A profile photo
  • Your gender and the gender of the people you’re interested in
  • Your location
  • Your age
  • Your preferences for potential matches (e.g. age range, distance, etc.)

Security & Safety

Facebook Dating has been around for a while now, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, the idea of using Facebook as your dating platform is appealing – who doesn’t want an easy way to meet potential partners? But when it comes down to safety and security, this app falls short.

First off, there isn’t any real verification process in place for users. Anyone can sign up with a fake name or photo and start messaging people without having their identity verified by anyone else on the site. That means if someone sends you inappropriate messages or tries catfishing you into giving out personal information like credit card numbers they could get away with it scot-free! And don’t even get me started on bots – they’re everywhere these days so how do we know which ones are legit? It looks like Facebook Dating hasn’t done much fighting against them either since there aren’t any two-step verifications available yet (come on guys!). Plus photos aren’t manually reviewed before being posted online so basically anything goes…which brings us back full circle: no one knows who is really behind those profiles! It just feels too risky knowing that strangers have access my profile without going through some kind of vetting system first – yikes!

As far as privacy policies go…well let’s just say I wouldn’t put money down betting that our data will stay safe from prying eyes because honestly what does Facebook actually guarantee us besides empty promises?! We’ve seen time and again how vulnerable user info can be leaked onto other sites; why should we trust them now?? All things considered though maybe FBD isn’t such a great option after all…I think I’ll stick with more traditional methods of meeting new people thank ya very much!!

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating app that’s easy to use and looks great, then Facebook Dating is the one for you! With its bright colors and modern design, it stands out from other apps in the market. It’s also incredibly user-friendly; navigating through different menus is straightforward and intuitive.

The first thing I noticed when opening up Facebook Dating was how vibrant it looked – they’ve definitely nailed their color scheme! The blues are calming yet energizing at the same time, while pinks add a touch of femininity to make sure everyone feels included. Even if your phone isn’t brand new or has an outdated operating system (OS), everything still runs smoothly with no lags or glitches whatsoever – kudos to them on this front!

Speaking of OSs: whether you have iOS or Android doesn’t matter here because both versions look equally good – there aren’t any differences between them which makes things easier when recommending this app to friends who might be using either platform. And as far as usability goes? You can get used to all its features within minutes since everything works just like expected without having too many bells & whistles thrown into the mix – simple but effective in my opinion!. Plus, finding potential matches is quick thanks to filters such as age range so users don’t waste time scrolling endlessly trying find someone compatible with themselves…unless they want too haha!.

If money isn’t an issue though then I’d suggest getting yourself some premium features such as additional search options like height/location/etc., plus access exclusive events hosted by FBD where members can meet each other face-to-face…not bad right?! All these perks come together nicely making FBD worth every penny spent especially considering how well designed it already looks compared others available today..so why not give it try!?


If you’re looking for a dating app that won’t break the bank, Facebook Dating is your go-to. Not only is it free to use but also comes with some pretty sweet perks if you decide to upgrade and get a paid subscription. The prices are definitely competitive compared to other apps on the market, so no need to worry about breaking the bank here! Plus, when you sign up for their premium service (which isn’t too pricey), there’s an array of features available like additional filters and access to more matches than ever before – talk about bang for your buck! Overall I’m impressed by what Facebook Dating has done in terms of pricing – they’ve managed create something that works well without costing users an arm and leg. So whether or not you choose one of their subscriptions plans or just stick with using it as a free user – either way this app offers great value at unbeatable rates.

Plan | Price | Features Free | Free | Matching, Messaging, Profile Creation Premium | $9.99/month | Matching, Messaging, Profile Creation, Access to Premium Features, Priority Listing in Search Results Premium Plus | $19.99/month | Matching, Messaging, Profile Creation, Access to Premium Features, Priority Listing in Search Results, Advanced Filtering, Increased Visibility

Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Facebook Dating include Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match.com and Plenty of Fish. These apps offer different features than Facebook Dating such as detailed profiles with compatibility quizzes or swiping capabilities for a more casual approach to finding potential matches.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for people who are looking to find a serious relationship.
  • Best for those who want to meet someone with similar interests and values.
  • Best for individuals who prefer online dating over traditional methods of meeting potential partners.


1. What is Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating is a great new way to meet people and find love. It’s easy to use, secure, and provides an enjoyable experience with its helpful features like Secret Crush. I’m really impressed by the app so far!

2. Does Facebook Dating have a mobile app?

Yes, Facebook Dating has a mobile app! It’s great for on-the-go dating and it makes finding potential matches so much easier. I’m really impressed with how user friendly the interface is – definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to find someone special online.

3. How much does Facebook Dating cost?

Facebook Dating is totally free to use, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. It’s a great way to meet new people and make connections without breaking the bank! I’ve been using it for a while now and absolutely love it – highly recommend giving it a try!

4. Is Facebook Dating any good?

Facebook Dating is great! It’s easy to use and the matches are pretty accurate. Plus, it integrates with your existing Facebook account so you don’t have to create a new profile from scratch. All in all, I’m very pleased with this dating app!

Randy Carlson

Randy Carlson is an online dating expert who has been writing reviews on various dating sites and apps for the past decade. He earned his degree in Psychology from a prestigious university, which sparked his interest in exploring relationships between people. After graduating, Randy worked as a relationship counselor for several years before he decided to pursue a career that would allow him to share his knowledge with others through written content. He soon discovered the world of online dating and realized it was something he could use to help people find love or even just companionship while they navigated this new digital landscape of courtship rituals. As such, Randy began creating detailed reviews about different websites and applications so users can make informed decisions when selecting their ideal matchmaking platform(s). His honest opinions have helped many individuals discover what works best for them based on their own personal needs and preferences without having to waste time trying out every single option available at once! In addition to being an experienced writer specializing in topics related to romance/dating services, Randy also serves as a consultant within this field; offering advice on how businesses can improve user experience by providing better features & functions tailored towards specific demographics (e.g., age groups). Furthermore, due largely thanks him advocating against predatory practices used by some platforms - including fake profiles created solely with malicious intent - there are now more regulations governing these types of services than ever before! This makes it easier than ever before for singles looking around today's virtual marketplaces filled with potential partners who may be right up your alleyway if you're willing put yourself out there...all courtesy of Mr Carlson himself!

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